File Under: Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve spent a little time today reorganizing the pegboard in my office (and by office I clearly mean “craft room”).

Everything about this mitigates the nasty rainy grey old day outside. Look at these rainbows! Ooooh!


By the way, have you ever checked out Goodwill for yarn? The store by me always has a huge basket of the stuff. Yesterday I found 5 rolls of wool in crazy 70’s colors (see above) for $.89 a pop.


Weave Officially Lost Our Minds

Did I ever tell you how much I love puns?

I decided today to take up weaving, why not. I made a loom out of cardboard and wove a thing so tight it turned itself into a basket:


Then I made another, looser, woven thing, decidedly not a basket, but… What is this?


I hung it on my bedroom door until I can figure it out.

Sometimes the best thing about crafting is messing up.