Lucy’s Nursery Tour

The most fun part of pregnancy by far (besides envisioning my spawn- I’m supposed to say that’s number one, right?) has been designing, building, DIYing, and shopping for the nursery. I’m so excited to finally share her little room!


This room means so much to me. It’s turned into a little projection of everything I want for my girl.



Kyle and I bought the major furniture pieces at Ikea: the crib and dresser (which doubles as a changing table).


The little moon nightlight is also from Ikea, and the mobile and crib sheets are from Land of Nod. Our very inclusive science-themed nursery idea is flexible, and includes things like plants, planets, and all kinds of creatures. We chose primary colors because they’re my favorite: bright, fun, and not pink. Learn how I DIYed the wall of giant polka dots here.


On either side of the window, there are three floating wood shelves (which my husband custom built). We’re using these to display all the adorable toys people gave Lucy at my baby shower, along with books, framed photos, and other little nicknacks.




Please note that my friend Colin’s “wishes for baby” are that she likes Ani Difranco (twice) and becomes a tall feminist. Fingers crossed.


Opposite the crib wall is the dresser/changing table, where we also hung a frame wall.


I sent Kyle some of my favorite quotes (by Neil deGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, and Marie Curie) and he created these digital pieces, which we printed and put into thrift store frames.



I made the dreamcatcher one afternoon at home with my friend Jordan, who wrote up a great post on how to create them.


Here’s how I created the Australopithecus stitch art.



This Love You to the Moon and Back art was created by my best friend Kate, and mailed to me shortly after finding out I was pregnant. It was one of the first things ever framed and hung in Lucy’s room.



The dresser drawers include her little onesies, which i figure should be readily accessible from where the poop explosions get handled. I’ve heard I’ll need to change her ten times a day, so I tried to make things as organized as possible (for now).


Other drawers have stuff like swaddles, socks, hats, and sleeping gowns.


The diaper drawer is not that cute, but it is STACKED.


I’m as ready as I’ll ever be for the onslaught of disgusting things in (or around) diapers.

Opposite the window and shelves wall is Lucy’s closet. It used to have two huge wooden, sort of janky sliding doors, which opened to one shelf with a hanging rack. Kyle designed and custom built this closet, and we removed the doors completely. We wanted plenty of storage and room to grow.


There’s also a little reading nook here, between the crib and the closet.


The lamp is from Target, the chair is a knock-off Eames rocker, and the poof and toy basket are from HomeGoods.


The closet has two hanging racks, ten cubbies, and a storage space on top for large items. The canvas bins are from Land of Nod. I’m hoping they’ll eventually provide enough toy storage so I won’t have to have toys scattered all over my house. I’m sure all of you veteran moms are rolling your eyes.  For now, they just hold extra diapers, baby blankets, and other miscellaneous stuff.


Her little outfits just slay me. I especially love little girls in boy clothes, anything with cats on it, and non-itchy cardigans.


Also, the tiniest shoes.



I’m now six days away from my due date, and just so, so excited.


It’s important to me to build my home into a place that reflects the love I put into it back at me. I want it to be someplace warm, inviting, and full of the crazy shit that makes me happy.

I hope Lucy will look back on her nursery one day (maybe after she’s become a feminist scientist in casual menswear) and think, “Damn, my parents really, really love me.”



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