Mini Nursery Update: The Tiniest Clothes

Oh man, baby clothes are really very cute. We’ve barely had to buy any of them, because everyone will give them to you. Who doesn’t love shopping for tiny outfits? And know someone with a baby who grew out of their 0-3 month duds in 0-3 weeks?

I’m not going to lie and say that everything is in good taste; sometimes people give you really weird stuff or stuff that isn’t your style. Whatever it is, I’m trying to remember that there will be many days we don’t actually leave the house, and also the majority of these outfits will probably just get covered in poop and vomit, so I should stop daydreaming about my lil lady always being decked out in the finest fancy sweatpants and knit hats.

But I mean, loooook:


Can she just wear this every day?


(My full Pinterest board of tiny outfit inspiration can be found here.)

We are still working on completing the nursery, but the closet has really started to take shape. My husband is amazingly handy, and built this thing from scratch. We’ve got two hanging racks for hangy clothes, and a bunch of empty cubes we’ll eventually fill with storage bins for toys and other stuff.


This little Goose already has the best closet in the house. Also, nicer shoes than me. I have no idea how big she’ll be for what season, so I’m keeping the tiny summer dresses even though she’s due in February. The way I’ve been eating potatoes au gratin for 5 every night, she’ll probably be born around 45 lbs. I guess I’ll have to go shopping.


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