DIY: Yarn Woven Basket

It’s 12:30pm on Thanksgiving day, and I just realized I didn’t get a hostess gift for the woman who’s having us for thanksgiving dinner tonight. All the stores are closed, I’m not dressed (unless you count the XL stained sweatsuit I’m in again), and I’m exhausted from spending the entire morning fulfilling my “nesting” urges via intermittently closet-cleaning and sobbing.

Thank god for Pinterest, the best place to stow away easy DIY ideas until you desperately need to make something out of the crap you have lying around your house. I loved this idea, and have a few random baskets lying around that my mom passed on to me when my husband and I moved into this house. (Such a mom thing, right? Who else wants to ensure you always have ten or fifteen baskets stacked in your laundry room?)

I made this:


You can find baskets like this in any thrift store. I’m always on the lookout for this kinda thing: easy pieces that you can hot glue some pompoms on and mail to someone on their hamster’s birthday. I also like vases, bell jars, ceramic or wooden ducks, lamps, and picture frames. Pair with puffy paint, old gift ribbons, yarn, glitter, googley eyes and magazine cut outs from Cat Fancy. Have this stuff around for a rainy day and you’ll never be bored.

Start by gathering your essentials. You’ll need a basket, yarn or string, an embroidery needle of some kind, and a pair of scissors:


Start by threading your needle (very annoying if your needle eye is tiny and your yarn is alpaca). Then thread the yarn through and around a piece of basket so you can tie a knot.



Have you thought about your design yet? Me neither. Do something really easy that will look good wonky. I chose a zigzaggy thing.


And… Go! Just weave the yarn through the basket, going over each line a couple of times so it’s nice and bold. Half an hour later, you’ll end up with something like this (and early onset arthritis):


I thought mine still needed some extra pizazz (neon) so I did a quick weave around the edges with some bright yellow:


In the end, you’ve got something a little cooler and weirder than a regular mom basket:


Use your basket for anything! Like cuddling with some back issues of PROG magazine:


Or hanging out with that plastic horse you named Captain Oats because you were at one time completely obsessed with the OC (Marissa and her drinking problem in particular):


Jewelry storage on your dresser is also quite practical:


However you use it, you now have one more strange thing in your house that people will admire when they come over. (Like last weekends guest who proclaimed with shock and awe, “you actually make things from Pinterest?”)

Yes. Yes, I do.


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