The Irish Frittata (aka Spanish Tortilla)

My Dad is zero percent Italian, but likes to pretend he isn’t by over-pronouncing Italian food words ala Giada de Laurentiis (“spig-itty,” “mooz-a-rill,” etc.). One of his favorite things to cook is Sunday brunch, which combines daytime fancy cooking with WASP-approved day drinking, two of his most treasured activities. For almost every Sunday brunch, he makes a frittata with his five favorite toppings: cheese, broccoli, peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

It’s really a good frittata, but I have eaten this thing about seven hundred times. These frittata toppings are so dead to me.

But the basic idea of delicious stuff stuck together with eggs and broiled in the oven and then sliced up, served hot or cold, with a salad or toast or some fruit, you can’t knock it. It’s a perfect weeknight meal that will yield leftovers and taste even better the next day.

I had a big (pregnancy) craving today for some real Spanish tortilla, that salty, potato-ey cold slice of carbohydrate, infused with olive oil and golden bits of onion. This thing is a vaguely-Irish pregnant lady’s dream dish.


I used this recipe, but with fewer eggs (I only had six) and less olive oil (because wow). It was glorious. And it’s going to be even better tomorrow.


Here she is served up with a pile of steamed broccoli, a few slashes of Cholula, and a totally random and deeply lonely slice of roasted red pepper.

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your frittata/tortilla/egg casserole comfort zone. There is more than one way to stick stuff together with eggs.


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